A Birthday Gift

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My friends at Adam & Eve and I have put together a little treat for you, my naughties! Follow the linkies for more treats, but remember, this is all deliciously NSFW.

It was my twenty-second birthday, and I was running out of time. I had spent the last college semester trying to figure out how to have a threesome before graduation. Finally, I came up with a solution. A life-long friend of mine, Tamara, had let it slip that she, too, wanted to have one, so I seized the opportunity and asked her, “Do you want to have one together?” She said yes, and our search for the perfect third began.

We combed through our phones and Facebook friends lists and surveyed our friends for the best candidates. It wasn’t until I went to my journalism class, though, that I found him. James was svelte, bearded, and ex-Army. And apparently, we shared a penchant for erotica, BDSM, and threesomes. I almost squealed when he accepted the invitation to my birthday party.

The party consisted of nine friends, nine bars, and far more than nine drinks. We danced and threw back shots all night. By one in the morning, I was worried I’d be too drunk to enjoy my birthday present. I went in search of James and Tam.

“I’m ready for my gift,” I said when I found them at the bar. “I mean, gifts.”

They put their drinks down in unison and grabbed their coats. James lived a few short blocks away, so we half-ran, half-stumbled back to his place, stealing kisses and gropes along the way.

His apartment was a modest and neat one bedroom. Once inside, the three of us dropped our coats just inside the door and put our cold hands and lips all over our overheated bodies. In my drunk confusion, I lost track of who was ripping off my clothes and whose clothes I was pulling off. I gave up, surrendering to the pressure of Tam’s and James’ bodies as they held me up and inched me toward the bedroom. The alternating soft and hard, hot and cold made me dizzy, and I almost fell. James scooped me up and carried me to the bed.

“Don’t forget to give me my present,” I mumbled. They both laughed.

“We wouldn’t dream of denying the birthday girl,” James said.

I sank into the down comforter as she leaned over me, letting her stiff nipples slide across my lips. I instinctively licked one, and she moaned. At the same time, James ran his hand from my ankle to the top of my thigh, pressing my legs open. His knuckles grazed my wet folds. A spark flashed through me, like lightning through a cloud. I floated under their hungry hands and mouths as they kissed and caressed and sucked my skin.

I lost track of time until I felt James and Tam leave the bed. It took extraordinary effort to open my eyes to see where they went. Their backs were to me, and they were messing with something on the dresser. The view of their nude bodies was spectacular, but I needed more skin on skin.

“Hey, I’m getting lonely over here,” I said.

Tam turned her head and winked at me. “Patience, birthday girl. We’ll be right with you.”

I groaned in frustration. Finally, they turned around, each one of them holding two white silk sashes. Tam sidled up next to me.

“Let’s see your arm, beautiful,” she said. I raised my left arm for her. She gently tied my wrist to the headboard. Then, she slowly crawled over me to the other side of the bed and secured my right wrist, too. I giggled when she ran her fingernail down the side of my neck.

At the foot of the bed, James was tying my ankles together. I closed my eyes and relished the heat of his hands on my calves and my knees and my thighs and my ….

“Ohhhh,” I moaned. James raised my ankles into the air and licked me deeply. At the same time, Tam locked her lips on mine and plunged her tongue into my mouth. I pulled against the restraints, desperate to touch them back.

Suddenly, James spread my knees wider and pulled himself through my legs. He anchored his hands on either side of me and teased me with his cock for a few seconds. I squirmed and begged him to take me. Tam smoothed my hair back. With his breathing ragged, James slipped into me. I pulled hard on the wrist sashes for leverage so I could meet his deep thrusts. He ripped moan after moan out of me as his cock pushed me toward the edge.

Tam whispered in my ear, “Come on, baby. Come on.”

James and I crashed together, shouting at the same time. My body contracted around him over and over. I floated on the tide as Tam released my wrists and ankles so that we could all lie side by side on the bed.

“Remember, you two,” she said. “My birthday is tomorrow.”

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Peepshow Gang Bang

Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in Erotic Short Stories | 763 comments

It’s Leah’s birthday, but she doesn’t feel much like celebrating since her boyfriend left her. Her best friends Chelsea and Jack have to drag Leah out of bed (and into the shower) to take her out to Theater Eros to meet a blind date for Peepshow Gang Bang. As soon as Leah sees her date, though, she knows this will be the best birthday she’s ever had!

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Father & Son Eat Candy

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Erotic Short Stories | 20 comments

Father & Son Eat Candy by Ragdoll Bones

Candy is a freshman who’s always ready to drop her skirt for a man in a well-cut suit. Devon is a hot law student with a wealthy father and access to a week in the presidential suite of a boutique hotel. Candy and Devon have big plans for the week, but a surprise visit from Devon’s daddy makes the suite sex even sweeter.

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Daddy’s Sex Toy

Posted by on Nov 6, 2011 in Erotic Short Stories | 27 comments

Daddy's Sex Toy by Ragdoll BonesLana’s step-father Erik is the strong, silent type. She has tried for two months to pull him out of the shy, anal-retentive shell he formed after her mother left him. When Lana drags Erik into a sex shop dressing room on a whim, she finally breaks through that shell … and discovers her step-dad’s secret kink!

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Father & Son Double Team

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Erotic Short Stories | 9 comments

Brit loves to play in front of her step-brother, Brent. Her mother divorced her step-dad, Derek, but that doesn’t mean Brit has to stay away from her favorite guys. When Derek witnesses a poolside peep show meant only for Brent, though, Brit finds that a double team of father and son might be too much for one night!

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Daddy’s Twins

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Erotic Short Stories | 5 comments

David faces a long summer without his new Hollywood wife, Gena, who is out of the country filming a movie. Gena sends her twin daughters home for college break to keep her husband company. But David’s sexual frustration leaves him unable to resist his step-daughters’ aggressive advances. If Gena finds out what happens next, their marriage will end before the honeymoon is over.

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Punish Me, Daddy

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Erotic Short Stories | 209 comments

When Jaime throws a party at her step-dad Jon’s house, she wants only to hook up with Paul, the hot runner she’s seen around campus. Paul stays behind to help Jaime clean up the mess, but all she can think about is seducing him in her step-dad’s king-sized bed. Professor Jon’s unexpected arrival means punishment for Jaime and Paul … and a stern lesson they won’t want to forget!

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Go Down, Daddy

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Erotic Short Stories | 9 comments

Maddie can’t wait to get home from her freshman year of college to spend summer break with her step-dad Charles. She’s had fun sharing guys with her dorm roommate, but she still can’t get Charles’ ripped body off her mind. He may have been her mother’s husband, but he’s all Maddie’s now … or is he?

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